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August 13, 2018
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Why Everyone in NYC is talking About Cryotherapy Treatments

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If enduring the chilly, sub-zero winter temperatures isn’t your thing, then you are part of the majority of us who hate the three-month period with passion. Winter isn’t the best of all seasons, whether it’s because of the snowy and impassable roads or the super-chilly conditions that confine you to your house all day long.

But despite this, it’s bizarre that some daring souls would willingly submit to a new kind of quick-and-easy spa experience described by spending time socked up in ultra-cold systems. Yes – they get immersed naked, from the legs all the way to just below the chin, in freezing nitrogen gas. According to them, Cryotherapy treatments, or the art of spending time inside a”frozen zone” is good for one’s health and beauty.

In New York City, folks are going gaga over it, and nobody could be happier than the owner of Elite Cryo Lounge of the Upper East Side who was quoted as saying that cryotherapy therapy is good for common ills. She says that by spending time inside the chamber with nitrogen gas frozen to -250 Fahrenheit, those with fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscular joint pain and other ailments get a soothing relief.

Scientifically, extreme cold powerful in relieving pain, but nobody has really determined whether cryotherapy treatment is equally powerful. But even when there haven’t been any substantial research on cryotherapy, those who had been battling depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other standard conditions actually say they got healed.

Does cryotherapy promote quick recovery?

Whole body cryotherapy is a new fad, but according to its aficionados who include celebrities and notable athletes, this trend is healthy. Exposure to the freezing temperatures, they say, shocks the system and subsequently stimulates the immune system, making one freshen up quickly, get healed and even look younger. The whole technique dates back to 1978 in Japan when it was a quick way of treating arthritis.

The big question is whether cryotherapy works

Well, Joanna Fryben, the new cryo queens, says the whole experience is painless. Those who’ve attempted it, however, admit it’s exhilarating and powerful enough to stimulate that burst of energy back. Perhaps that’s why NFL, NBA soccer players, and Olympians are some of its most ardent clients.

The liquid nitrogen vapor cools to -150° F, and when someone stands in the chamber, the superficial body tissue drops to a near-freezing point. This forces the blood vessels to constrict and shunt the blood, all cellular waste, and toxins. The toxins are, thereafter removed through the kidneys and lymph.

After three minutes, the procedure is over, and the body recovers. The body’s recovery, however, is characterized by a burst of energy as endorphins get released en-masse. The oxygenated blood then energizes the body.

But beware

According to Fryben, everyone’s experience is unique. She says that some get out feeling reinvigorated while others only feel calm. However, pain management specialist Dr. Houman Danesh advises that one ought to be cautious before attempting it, especially if you have asthma or high blood pressure.

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