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May 29, 2018
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Cryo Facials: Cryotherapy For Beautiful Young Skin with Less Wrinkles

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What if I told you the fabled “fountain of youth” is closer home than you think? That’s right; you can now turn back the clock on aging and bring back that youthful, radiant look to your skin thanks to cryotherapy.

I’m sure you’re wondering: what the heck is cryotherapy? It refers to any therapeutic treatment that involves the use of freezing or near-freezing temperatures. Cryo-facials, a form of cryotherapy, is now all the rage in many spas and beauty parlors across the globe. And there’s a big reason why. Unlike most beauty creams and regimens that are riddled with toxic chemicals, cryo-facials is a safe, 100% natural therapy that’s changing the face of skincare.

Cryo-facials, and cryotherapy in general offer myriads of surprising benefits for your skin.

#1. It’s a Great Weapon against Acne and Skin Breakouts

Is there anything more unsightly than a breakout of acne on your skin? Thankfully, regular cryofacials can help get rid of deeply-seated lesions, allowing any blemishes on your face to heal much faster. What’s more, cryotherapy boasts of amazing antibacterial properties that can help keep pimples and acne-causing germs at bay. Besides, cryo-facials have proven quite effective against acne scarring, and results are instantly noticeable.

#2. Helps Eliminate Toxins from Your Skin

From processed food to air pollutants and every harmful thing in-between, your skin can take a beating from day-to-day toxins. Weekly cryo-facial treatments can help flush out toxins that have accumulated in your skin layers, allowing natural nutrients like Vitamin D to work their charm. The outcome is a beautiful, youthful-looking skin.

#3. Helps Improve Blood Circulation

A robust blood circulation is essential for a radiant, glowing skin. Regular circulation speeds up the supply of nutrients and oxygen that nourish skin cells. And it also helps get rid of harmful toxins.

#4. It’s Your Best Weapon against Wrinkles

Collagen is the most important connective tissue that is vital for tighter, smoother, and even-toned skin complexion. Unfortunately, aging can take a toll on collagen production. Lucky for you, cryotherapy treatments can help stimulate the production of collagen, leading to a skin with fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

#5. It Stimulates Cell Regeneration

Dead skin cells need to be exfoliated before they are replaced naturally by your body. Turns out, cryofacials can help accelerate the exfoliation process, transforming tired-looking skin into a firm, healthy glow.

#6. Has Anti-inflammation Properties

Inflammation is to blame for skin flare-ups and redness, which can be an eyesore. It so happens that cryotherapy and other cold & ice body treatments can help boost immunity and slow down inflammation.

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