Cryo Facial / Cryo local

Cryo Facial can increase skin firmness and tightness. Has anti-aging benefits, rejuvenating , smoother , restores radiance . Increase in the flow of blood and oxygen to the face , which can make skin more vibrant, radiant and glowing. Blood becomes enriched with nutrients, enzymes and oxygen. Improves blood circulation, skin tone and texture , increases collagen production, reduces puffiness and dark circles, decreases pore size.

Cryo Local can reduce inflammation, fatigue , pain and soreness.

For beauty Cryo Therapy raises collagen production for better skin and metabolism for weight loss. Cellulite, skin aging and skin blemishes can be drastically reduced.

Cryo Fat Freeze results are much more naturally compared to the other cosmetic treatments . Fat freezing results are natural – looking and are similar to those obtained from exercise and diet