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Cryo Facials: Cryotherapy For Beautiful Young Skin with Less Wrinkles
August 13, 2018

Cryo (Cold) Therapy 101: From Ice Packs To Whole Body Chambers


Cryotherapy Is An Option

              Cryotherapy is a term that is applied to a treatment that many people use but few are aware of its benefits. It is derived from the Greek words of Cryo which is cold and Therapy which is cure. The benefits are still being researched today but the results are showing significant improvements in many areas of life.

Ice packs

              The most basic form of Cryotherapy which most people are familiar with is the use of ice packs. Ice on injuries can help reduce inflammation and after its removal increase blood flow to the injured area. This allows the injury to heal at a faster rate then if it was not iced. It is also a useful technique to reduce pain.


This is another common use of Cryotherapy which is used in the medical world. Dermatologist especially use this on a regular basis for the removal of warts and skin abnormalities. It usually contains liquid nitrogen and is topically sprayed to numb the area and freeze the target area on the skin. Then the doctor can remove the abnormality with little if any pain to the client.

Ice baths

              Ice baths are very common in the athletic world. Athletes in many different sports treat sprains, muscle fatigue and soreness with ice baths.  It has been known to reduce inflammation therefore increasing recovery time dramatically. By having increased recovery times, the athletes can make sure they continue on their routines, which also helps in general physical fitness and even weight loss.

Whole Body Chambers

Whole body chamber devices are specially produced and used for treatments using Cryotherapy. The patient enters the chamber with little clothing, remains for a few minutes while the machine generates cold dry air in freezing temperatures. This can be used to treat a number of ailments such as migraines, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and even stress. In upscale areas like Manhattan, New York’s elite use Cryo Lounges to treat various ailments. In recent years, the Big Apple has seen these lounges springing up by the dozens. Apparently there is now a true demand for Cryo facial and whole body treatments used to help cure skin, pain and stress related issues.


              For those that are new to Cryotherapy, no matter which treatment it is normal to be confronted with challenges. The most difficult thing to deal with in the beginning is naturally the cold environment, whether its isolated or whole body. It takes conditioning and repeated efforts to adjust to it. It is very important not to over treat using cryotherapy and should be done in short periods of time.  This can make it easier to handle in the start knowing it will be over in a short time. It is of utmost important to never sleep while using cryotherapy, or to overdo its allotted time.

The short times are one of its benefits, it provides a sort of healthy shock to the body awakening your immune system, metabolism and senses. Our bodies are constantly put in high stress situations by bad posture, tension in the joints and muscles, and injuries. Cold applications can help reduce the severity of all of these, while having minimal, if any long term negative effects. A supervising professional in most cases would be best to assist in the treatments using cryotherapy.

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