About Cryotherapy

What is Cryotherapy 

Cryotherapy is the exposure of the entire body to subzero temperatures for 2-3 minutes in order to force the body to withdraw blood from the skin to the core. The subzero temperatures cause the body to believe the core temperature is in danger and draws blood to the core in order to maintain safe body temperature. This is known as Vasoconstriction. During this process, blood is able to absorb vital nutrients, enzymes and oxygen as it runs through the cardiovascular system. This cycle continues through the duration of the session. Once you step out of the Cryotherapy chamber enriched blood returns to body tissues giving you an invigorating feeling.

Cryotherapy Session
During Cryotherapy Session, the client will disrobe and only be wearing socks, provided slippers and gloves. Males must wear briefs. The machine is cooled to a temperature of -166℉ to ensure efficiency. Once cooled, the client will step into the chamber and close the magnetic door. The client is then raised to the appropriate level. The session begins and chamber begins to cool to the ideal -238℉. During the session, the client is asked to do quarter turns every 15 sec to avoid overexposure. Once the session is over the chamber is aired out as the client is lowered back down. The client is then able to exit the chamber and get dressed.

Cryotherapy vs Ice Bath

Cryotherapy causes a systemic response allowing the body to create an illusion that the body is freezing while in an Ice Bath the body tissue begins to freeze. In WBC the temperature can reach -289°F while in an Ice Bath the temperature can only reach 45°F. The time of exposure to each is different as well as in WBC is 3 minutes while an Ice Bath lasts for 20 minutes. Participants can feel immediate warmth in their muscles after WBC, while Ice Bath participants require a resting period after in order for muscles tissue to return to normal.